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For information and registration for our new group for children in grades 1 to 3, click HERE.

Below you will find detailed information about what to expect at an audition for Okanagan Children’s Choir (grades 4-7) and Okanagan Youth Choir (grades 8 to young adult).

To schedule an audition time, please signup:

Wednesday, August 21st (between 11:30am and 1:30pm)

Wednesday, August 28th (between 6pm and 8pm)

Saturday, August 31st (between 10am and 12pm)

More August/September dates are coming soon.

We’re so glad that you’re interested in joining Okanagan Children’s Choir (grades 4-7) or Okanagan Youth Choir (grades 8-12 through to university aged young adults). Entry to both choirs is by informal audition.

We aim to keep things as relaxed as possible at our initial meeting. Singers will not be expected to do anything that is beyond their personal ability level and will be encouraged along the way.  More than any other characteristics or level of musical excellence, we are looking for young people who demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to being members of the Okanagan Children’s Choir or Okanagan Youth Choir.  We will also be listening for a clear pleasant singing voice, a responsive musical ear and an ability to focus, follow instructions and make changes based on suggestions.

Singers should come to the audition prepared to sing any short piece of music that you know well, without accompaniment. If unsure what to sing, O Canada or Happy Birthday are always good possibilities.  You will then be asked to sing through some vocal exercises, so that we can hear your singing range.  If you have some music reading experience, we will check to see what level you are reading at.  Then we will have a brief and informal conversation about your musical experience and expectations of membership in the choir.

Auditions will last approximately fifteen minutes.

For more information about our choirs, please contact Frances Chiasson by email or by phone (250-869-6817) or Okanagan Youth Choir Music Director Taylor Bone by email.